Areas of Circulation

Principal Circulation : Tarlac City and Concepcion

Secondary Circulation: Municipalities at the  1st , 2nd & 3rd Districts of Tarlac Province

Printing- Number of copies: Minimum of  1,000 up to 4,000 copies [average at 2,000 copies per printing ]

Circulation Breakdown: Approx. 15% is paid circulation, balance of publication 85% is distributed as complimentary copies to most government offices and private business establishments. Often, the paper is requested by cause oriented groups and/or individual[s] to do strategic and focused distribution of complementary copies within specific areas for intensive information dissemination .

Frequency of publication: Weekly basis [Saturday] except on Philippine Election Months wherein publication is on a bi-weekly basis.

Publication/Advertising Rates:

1 whole page: P 19,000.00
1/2 page: P 9,500.00
1/4 page: P 4,750.00
1/8 page: P2,375.00
1 col. cm.: P 85.00

Rate discounts are available depending on volume of advertising placements.
For colored printing of ads, add- 20% to the above rates.
Judicial publication rates are 80% of commercial advertising rates in observance and compliance to PD 1079 and SC. A.M. No. 01-1-07