Successful Protest Rally Dutertrolls

Successful Protest Rally– Those of us who were watching in the sidelines and making comparisons on the recent September 21 pro and anti rallies, allow me to share with you some of my observations that are good for a few laughs and likewise should also serve as an eye opener for this administration. The police and the pro rally organizers at the Plaza Miranda were claiming that the attendees were 16,000 – organizers’ claim, and the PNP- 7,000. Wow-wow- wi, what’s that, quite a gap, so what is it really, is it 7K or 16K? Now, before we further amuse ourselves, let me just say that most of us have been to the Plaza Miranda and we know for a fact that the space in that plaza is not that big, therefore my intelligent together with common sense guess is the paid hakots/attendees courtesy of the SBMA cabal, were in the number of around 2K to 3K tops and to make it funnier, when the rain came most of the hakots dispersed. Lesson is, pay the hakots in 2 parts, before and after the show. Looking at the anti rally, given that their venues were at the Mendiola and the Luneta with much bigger areas, certainly a 20K crowd was a breeze, despite of the rains that came later but still did not lessen the crowd. In fact, now I know why the organizers of the pro rally chose Plaza Miranda is simply because they could make it appear that they had a jam-packed crowd given the limited space and since they were sure that they could not bring in the numbers at a larger venue like perhaps the Quirino grandstand, PICC etc, they opted to play it safe and small at the Plaza Miranda. Geezz, what a shame!!! And there is this intelligent pronouncements from the Chief PNP Bato that they had gotten intel that 6 boats/ships from the Visayas would ferry protesters, my God how intelligent is this intel that could have easily in a span of an hour been verified by simply going to the concerned shipping lines, unless of course the intel was meant as bancas, 6 bancas at that. Wha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Sa chief PNP na galing yan!


Dutertrolls – Be observant my friends, try making unpleasant Duterte attacks in social media and try to observe the times sudden dispatch of numerous replies and observe the type and kind of replies that have very similar thoughts. Obserbahan po ninyo, get critical at times and observe. That is the beauty of these trolls, that are simply handled by one person using numerous fake accounts. Just Google the Duterte trolls and read the many articles therein which will further strengthen your belief that we’re all a victim of one big con job by one big con man!

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