CDRRMO reminds public of tri-color flood warning system

TARLAC CITY – The City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) reminds the public of the color-coded warning system to help flood-prone communities prepare for upcoming disasters.

The green level signals the residents to prepare for possible evacuation while yellow level signals residents to evacuate, and the red level means they must stay in the evacuation center.

CDRRMO conducted drills in flood-prone barangays to assure the safety of the said communities.

The tri-color flood system is already being used by some barangays such as Sapang Tagalog, Suizo and Balanti.

The city encourages all barangays to use the system to prevent future tragedies brought about by strong typhoons and flooding.

Meanwhile, public storm warning signals (PSWS) given during tropical cyclones should not be mistaken for rainfall and flood warnings.

According to the PAGASA website, the purpose of the PSWS number is to warn the public of specific weather conditions related to an oncoming tropical cyclone.

The PSWS is based not just on the amount of rainfall, but also on the strength and speed of the wind. Thus, the full impact of each PSWS signal is only felt after a certain lead time has passed.

City Mayor Cristy Angeles calls for vigilance and preparedness among all Tarlaqueños during the rainy season and likewise assures the public that CDRRMO personnel and rescue teams will remain alert for 24 hours.

The City Mayor likewise asks the public to cooperate with the City Government to ensure the safety of everyone./Tarlac CIO

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