The Bottomline is Poverty Alleviation – Stupid!!!

This administration can kill thousands and thousands in the guise of the drug war. They can kill thousands and thousands in the guise of wanting peace and order for the citizenry, but all for what?

The root causes of all of these problems are not being adequately addressed to or are they being addressed at all?

The root cause is basically poverty brought about by extreme corruption.

When former Pres ERAP earlier said that infamous statement “weder weder lang yan”, it seems that the greatest crooks and would be crooks in government took this to heart and since they are now in power and will not be in power forever, ergo- it is our time to steal and steal as much as we can or weder weder lang.

While the President mouths lines like “ galit ako sa korap” and “corruption must stop now”, these are mere empty and meaningless words, similar to that “tuwid na daan” mantra. Just look at the MRT scenario.

Let me cite one glaring proof as to why corruption had gotten worst in this administration. This is one big time example of extreme greed. During the BOC hearings at the Senate where it was confirmed that during the previous administration, the amount of around P35K used to go to the government as customs duties/taxes per container van and around P10K- P25K used to go to the crooks, now it is the other way around. P10K goes to the government and the rest goes to the crooks, and mind you we are talking about 5,000 containers per day. Do the math. Jeeezzes Christ, if this is not a worsening of graft and corrupt practices at the top level, then I don’t know what is. The sad thing is, the President defended to the high heavens the top BOC Official Faeldon in all of this. Akala ko ba Mr. President ay galit ka sa korap and that corruption must stop now?

Another example is, of all the leaders of congress one can appoint, why back up Pantalon Alvarez? This is the person deeply involved in alleged graft and corrupt practices when he was DOTC Secretary during GMA’s time! Ha! Ha! Galit daw sa korap at corruption must stop now?!

While it is s a fact that the Filipino people are an extremely patient lot, it is also a fact that extremely hungry stomachs know no law and sooner than later, the families and other level-headed Filipinos of all these extremely impoverished naka tsinelas Filipinos who are being exterminated will reach their breaking point, and no armed forces or police force will be able to stop millions of hungry Filipinos.

It is a fact, that our economy is going down. It is a fact that the purchasing power of the peso is decreasing. It is a fact that people feel less secure now than they did the same time last year. It is a fact that poverty is increasing and not until poverty alleviation is addressed accordingly (not mere 4P’s) will the drug problem be reduced. You and I know that it is a lot easier to earn money from pushing drugs that a hungry stomach will have no choice but to do.

Therefore, alleviate poverty and less people will be willing to take the risk of drug pushing. Simple approach that other countries are doing and are gaining headway with in their fight against drugs, which unfortunately this government insists on killing mga naka tsinelas instead. Mr. President, mismong ang anak ninyong si Polong ang nagsabi that karma will eventually catch up with the evil doers. Are you an evil doer Mr. President?

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