>Nothing to hide, so nothing to fear! >OMB docs surely from AMLC!

This lady really has got balls, big balls at that! Mabuhay ang mga babaeng may paninindigan at prinsipyo! And who are they? For the meantime, until such time the following ladies fuck-up bigtime, as far as I am concerned the following have maintained their decency and integrity and are truly Honorable Ladies and therefore they are women with fortitude and principle. Do not get me wrong, I am not naïve to think that these women do not play politics, they certainly do and they certainly are not saints but they likewise certainly are not as EVIL as the EVIL will see being displayed by so many national officials, their names I would rather not mention as you all know who they are. So who are these women I am referring to who I consider to have balls? OMB Conchita Morales is one of them, CJ Sereno is another, and of course Senator Leila de Lima. For now these three are in, although I am sure there are a lot more ladies in government who are doing their part accordingly.


We now live in highly precarious times. Only the Good Lord our God would know how things will turn out. The economy is not getting better. The President has totally eroded his credibility to zero level that no one not even the masses (majority of his supporters) are willing to take his word on anything that comes out of his mouth.
First, he says that he came from a poor family, now he claims to have been a millionaire since fourth year HS.

Then he claims that Trillanes has foreign accounts only for him to admit that he made up the account numbers, now he claims that Trillanes closed his accounts on-line before going to Singapore. Oh my God Mr. President, what kind of shit is this? Do you really take all of us Filipinos as IDIOTS? If Trillanes closed his account online (assuming the bank would allow it), the bank would have simply said that he had a closed account and not “does not have an account.” Diyos Por Santo Mr. President, all of these double, triple insulting pronouncements you do are only meant to further divide this nation.

There is the P6 Billion drug smuggling and no one is held accountable, and so many other Change Scamming antics that we have heard. I can only pray that when push come to shove and the OMB finally reveals to the public with certainty that you have indeed had at least a Billion Pesos in you account, please do the right thing Mr. President and give us all (THE FILIPINO NATION) a break. Resigning is not a shameful option, in fact it is the only Honorable thing to do. Forget that the inexperienced VP Leni will take over, I do not think she can do any worse than you have done.

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